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Guidelines To Increase The Safety Of Our Female Agents

Safety FirstIn light of several tragic events happening to female real estate agents, we have decided to introduce a 5 point program to improve the safety of our agents. The guidelines are published here so that customers are made aware of the reasons and the requirements. We believe this will create a common understanding of the risks that agents in general and female agents specifically take every day in their job.

Our agents will communicate the program to every new client and refer them to this web page. Agents are asked to take no risks and we appreciate all clients accepting these requirements. The program consists of the following 5 points:

1. First time clients are required to send in a copy of their driver’s license and full contact details

2. Using our technologically advanced software, agents have to enter all showings and meetings with clients in the Blast Scheduler visible to all other agents and the management

3. Agents announce start and end of a showing to management; should management not receive an end call within 1 hour after the start, the system will alert management to contact agent

4. All agents are required to download a quick-dial app with tracking service on their phone which allows them to call management with one single touch of a button; they are asked to call immediately should they feel unsafe

5. Should an agent have mixed feelings about an upcoming meeting with a client, we request that she asks a colleague to join her

“If this will help prevent only one single dangerous situation, the goal of the program has already been achieved.” Mel&Guido, Owners of Blast Realty